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Martin Strube’s Wild Books

At our house, we find it very difficult to get rid of books.  Many are like old friends and their mere presence serves as a reminder of that old friendship.  It’s a comfort to see them sitting there on the shelves.  

But even books we don’t like we find hard to throw away.  Instead, as seems more and more common practice these days, we “release them into the wild”.  We drop them at more or less known dropping off points for anybody to pick up - for free - and take away.

However, we still like to keep track of where these books get to on their travels.  Inside the front cover there is a rubber stamp with the name of this web site showing.  If you ever come across one of our books, please do send us an email or drop a note on the dedicated FaceBook page at:

FB Books in the Wild

Many thanks and best wishes,