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There exists in the world today a complete economy, nestled within the mainstream economy, but separate and different in many ways.

It has its own companies, corporations, factories, distribution networks, retail outlets, offices, banks, insurance, colleges, farms, fisheries, telecoms, ITC services, pharmacies, funeral services. Mysteriously, it began in the UK over 150 years ago and has now spread to almost very other nation on the planet.

It has an enormous asset base amounting to more than $20 trillion, generating a turnover of over $3 trillion. This means that this "Parallel Economy" is now a very significant part of the global economy. If it were a single country, it would be the fifth largest national economy in the world. (Source: UN Report "Measuring the Size and Scope of the Cooperative Economy" - Dave Grace Associates, 2014.)

Unlike the mainstream economy, this Parallel Economy isn't dominated by big, rich, powerful speculators with overwhelmingly huge shares and, perforce, equally huge voting blocks. It is, instead, owned and controlled by its millions upon millions of members.

We are talking, of course, about the co-operative economy.

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Holding jobs and enterprises in trust for later generations.

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 Localising the Economy

 Co-operative ownership is local ownership and contributes to stablising  the local economies.  

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